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What should I be looking for in a food for my dog/cat?

When purchasing a food for your pet you should look for ingredients like named meats that are usually paired with a meat meal, which is simply a dehydrated version of the whole meat. The ingredient list should also contain fruits and vegetables these should never be the main ingredient but should be on the list to provide your pet with vitamins and fiber they would receive from the stomach of a prey animal. Finally, there should be some oils like Flaxseed or fish oil, which are both great the skin and coat of your pet.

Equally as important are ingredients that should not be in your pet’s food. Corn anything is a common ingredient that is big no-no when it comes to a quality food there should never be corn anywhere in the ingredient list. By-products these only range from bad to worse by products are the leftovers they are not a good source of protein like whole meat or meal and can contain chemicals used in euthanasia, bacteria, or poisons. Peanut Hulls, Mill run this is often marketed as fiber, but in reality this is simply what is left over from the milling process and can include things that were simply on the floor of the mill that day. Wheat, Wheat Gluten this is simply a filler ingredient to bulk up foods it and corn share a similar problem in that they are indigestible and they are both common allergens.

There’s no way I can afford these foods they’re so expensive!

Yes, premium foods can bring about some sticker shock, but there are considerations before you immediately rule out premium foods. First, many foods offer a frequent buyer program in which after you purchase twelve bags of food you receive a free bag which will offset some of the yearly cost. Also since premium foods are more nutritionally complete and contain no fillers like corn or wheat you have to feed less which means you’ll need to buy less often.

My pet has urinary issues and the vet is recommending that I feed Science Diet/Hills. Are these foods any good?

First, never ever switch your pet off their prescription food without consulting with your vet first! That being said you should just keep feed your pet the food recommended because these food are often pH balanced in order for your pet avoid expensive and painful complications. There are alternatives Wysong carries a full line of prescription food for your dog or cat, but again before switching ask your vet! Many vets also receive a kickback from Hills/Science Diet for displaying and promoting their foods in house or have received scholarships form these pet food companies.

What kind of treats can I give my pet?

Follow the same rules you’d follow for your pet’s everyday diet- no corn, wheat, or by-products. You can also feed your pet RAW soup bones or other recreational chews or treats like canned tuna.

Can I give my pet human food as a treat?

It depends. Hot dog can be a dog trainers best friend and canned tuna can interest even the pickiest eater, but these are TREATS that are to be fed in moderation as they are not nutritionally complete for your pet.

Why is it important to feed my pet a premium food?

Well, your pet eats the same food everyday with the occasional supplement of a treat or if your pet is anything like mine perhaps a stolen pizza crust. This is the main reason it is so important to have a nutritionally complete food for you pet since they eat the same thing everyday it needs to have everything they need.

What’s in this for me? I’ve had dogs live 13 years eating Ol’ Roy!

There are many benefits to feeding a better food to your dog or cat not just for them but for your too! Firstly, since premium doesn’t have grains or fillers you get to feed less (again cutting back on the price tag). Also, since your pet will be able to digest this food more easily their poops will be smaller and less stinky (this will depend on the protein, but this is particularly noticeable with raw diets). Finally, since premium foods contain oils and vitamins most dogs see a significant improvement in their coat and skin health.

My dog/cat won’t stop barking/meowing for food, Why are they always so hungry?

Again the fillers, these fillers not only help your pet pack on extra pounds, but the can leave your pet feeling hungry only hours after a meal. The answer? Premium food! Premium brand foods contain more protein, which will help your pet feel satiated for longer between meals.

I’m a vegan/ vegetarian and I want to feed my pet a vegan/ vegetarian diet is this possible?

In short, no! Dogs and cats are not omnivorous like humans they are carnivorous and are unable to digest many of these ingredients at best fillers at worst nutritionally worthless and unhealthy for your pet overall. Dogs do not have enzymes in their saliva to breakdown vegetables, their digestive track is short meant for digesting meat not vegetables.

I switched my pet to a new premium food and now they seem to be eating less of their food. Is that normal?

Yes, this can be normal for some pets. First, look at the new packaging and make sure you’re not over feeding them better brands often require less per day as they have a higher caloric content and more protein.

I’m switching my pet to a new food and their tummy is upset is there anything I can do?

You can try feeding them a small spoon of PLAIN yogurt; this will help their digestive track deal with the new food. You can also try some plain canned pumpkin (not pie filling) pumpkin has a lot of fiber and can help with constipation and diarrhea.

How do I switch my pet to a new food?

Some pets will be fine with an immediate switch to the new food cold turkey others will require a little more finesse. If it is a possibility switch your pet slowly by using 75% of the old food 25% new food for a week, then 50% new 50% old, then 25% old and 75% new, and finally 100% new. This takes time but it will minimize the impact on your pets digestive system.

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