Pricsilla Price's Diet a.k.a. The Pet Glider Diet


25 oz unsweetened applesauce
4 oz Dannon non-fat plain yogurt
3 oz concentrated calcium fortified orange juice, no water added
3/4 cup Old Fashioned Oats (NOT QUICK-COOKING OATS)
1 Tablespoon fresh ground flax seed or wheat germ, refrigerated

Making the "Basic Mix"

With a wooden spoon, mix the applesauce, oats, yogurt, wheat germ and orange juice in a large mixing bowl. Divide the mixture into two equal portions. Portion one: add 3 small or medium scrambled eggs. Portion two: add 3/4 lb unseasoned, unsalted, broiled shredded chicken.

Add 3/4 cup various chopped or pre-cut fruits and vegetables to each portion. Freeze the Priscilla Price Diet mixture flat in quart size freezer bags (1/2" or less thick). If you choose to use pre-cut frozen produce, do not use vegetables which have a high ratio of corn.

Feeding Instructions

Daily: Break off a frozen piece of the basic mix.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: basic mix plus mealworms (about 20 per glider).

Daily Staple

The following should be available to the gliders at all times:

Monkey Biscuits
Sugar Glider Cereal

Daily Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Sprinkle "The Pet Glider Complete" Multivitamin on food daily.

Enrichment Supplement

Pure apple juice diluted with half purified water 3-4 times per week.

Extra Advice

  • Do not substitute "The Pet Glider Complete" Multivitamin with any other vitamin/mineral supplement. It is designed specifically to work nutritionally with the Priscilla Price Diet.
  • If you need to feed your gliders a few hours early, prepare the diet without thawing the fruits and vegetables. It should be thawed out by the time they wake up.

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